Business Continuity Plan

Plan Ahead Now and Recover Swiftly When Disaster Strikes

Disaster can strike at any time – will you be prepared in time? Our BCDR planning services offer stability and a reliable assurance that your business can quickly recover and restore operations in the face of adversity.

Why Choose Us?

We know that data is the lifeblood of your organisation, and its integrity and availability are paramount to your ongoing success. National IT Solutions will help you swiftly recover from any disruption with reliable BCDR plans, customised to your business needs and risk level.

Enhance Business Continuity

We bolster your IT defences for continued business operations during unforeseen incidents, reinforcing the backbone of your business strategy.

Enhance Network & Data Resilience

Our defensive strategies create a robust shield around your sensitive information to mitigate the risk of unauthorised access.

Protect Business Assets

We’ll safeguard your intellectual property, business data, and client information, helping to keep them secure against cyber threats.

Risk Mitigation

Our security assessments will pinpoint vulnerabilities within your IT environment, allowing for quick remediation before they can be exploited.

Uphold Business Reputation

Through strict cyber security measures, we keep your business reputation intact to maintain stakeholder trust and loyalty.

Align with ACSC Essential 8

Our security strategies are aligned with the Australian Cyber Security Centre Essential 8 framework to enhance overall resilience.

Our Approach:
Complete 360° Care of Your IT.

At National IT Solutions, we take a holistic approach to IT management. Our three-stage methodology is designed to develop your IT environment into a strategic asset that meets your current operational needs, while preparing your business for future growth and development.

1. Stabilise

Bringing your IT up to standard

We take the time to understand your business and current IT environment so we can develop a strategy to improve its operational functionality.

How we stabilise:

2. Optimise

Fine-tuning your operations

Our team will monitor, manage, and maintain your IT, resolving problems quickly to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

How we optimise:

3. Enhance

Accelerating your growth

We work closely with you to ensure your IT environment enhances efficiency and productivity, directly impacting your ROI.

How we enhance:

Keeping Your Business Operational and Agile

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) is a service offering that ensures businesses can remain operational during unexpected disruptions, and are able to recover quickly after the incident.

Our BCDR involves two main components: a business continuity plan and disaster recovery services. The business continuity plan focuses on maintaining essential business operations during crises, while disaster recovery services are dedicated to restoring business functions and data after an event. 

This dual approach helps organisations recover from both minor interruptions and major catastrophes, from natural disasters and cyber-attacks, to human error and hardware failure.

Our backup and data protection services are at the forefront of ensuring your business’s resilience and continuity, and we employ a multi-layered approach to data protection. Integrating cutting-edge technologies with best practice strategies will help secure your data at every level, ready for restoration in the event of a disaster.

We align our cyber security solutions with the nationally recognised ACSC Essential 8 Maturity Model. This framework focuses on mitigating cyber-attacks by addressing vulnerabilities at the core, enhancing the overall resilience of your data protection.

By prioritising critical business processes and implementing effective risk management strategies, National IT Solutions aims to mitigate the impacts of disruptions and support business continuity management when disaster strikes.

why choose us

Our Case Studies

Essential 8 Maturity Model Framework


Allow only approved
apps to run.


Patch vulnerabilities with the latest updates.

Configure Microsoft Office Macro Settings

Tighten settings to prevent macro-based threats.

User Application Hardening

Secure apps that interact with the web.

Restrict Administrative Privileges

Limit user access to certain data and apps.

Patch Operating Systems

Analyse OS vulnerabilities and install updates.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Mandate two user


Backup all data, apps, and settings daily.

Ensure Long-Term Business Sustainability with a Comprehensive BCDR Plan

A well-crafted business continuity plan, coupled with stringent disaster recovery services, provides a safety net that can mean the difference between a minor setback and a catastrophic failure. 

The goal of National IT Solutions’ BCDR planning services is to protect your data and IT infrastructure, while ensuring the continuity of business operations under any circumstances. This is crucial for maintaining client trust, meeting regulatory compliance, and protecting your bottom line.

We craft tailored disaster recovery plans that outline precise steps to restore IT systems and data access following a disruption. Our plans are designed to meet specific recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO), ensuring a swift and efficient return to normal operations.

Beyond immediate disaster response, our business continuity strategies focus on maintaining your critical business functions operational during and after a disaster. This involves identifying essential processes and implementing systems that allow these functions to continue, ensuring the long-term resilience of your business.

Let us help prepare your business to face challenges head-on.

Protect Your Data and Digital Assets Against Potential Disruptions

At National IT Solutions, we know that disruptions can come from anywhere — natural disasters, data breaches, human error, and more. Without a solid BCDR strategy and reliable data protection services, these incidents can lead to significant financial losses, damage to reputation, and in some cases, the permanent closure of the business. 

Backup is an integral component of our data protection services, providing a safety net for your business operations. We offer both on-premise and cloud-based backup options for maximum flexibility and reliability. 

Our innovative hybrid cloud backup solution blends the best of both worlds by combining onsite and offsite data protection. This approach enhances fault tolerance and minimises dependency on internet connectivity for data recovery. In the event of a system failure, the local onsite device can swiftly restore files or even run your company servers virtually.

Our image-based backup service goes beyond conventional file-by-file backup methods. This service captures a complete snapshot of your hard drive, encompassing all company files, system settings, and application data in one comprehensive image. This all-encompassing approach ensures nothing is left unprotected, providing a reliable safety net for your digital assets.

When you choose National IT Solutions, you’re opting for a partner who is committed to your business’s continuity and resilience, with a clear focus on maintaining the highest standards of protection and integrity in all aspects of your operations.