Managed IT Security

Secure. Sustain. Succeed.

We don’t just react to cyber threats – we mitigate them. National IT Solutions aligns managed security services with the Essential 8 framework to craft security strategies that fit your business model and risk profile.

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to providing exceptional managed IT security services is an ongoing journey of refinement and adaptation, aligned with the dynamic needs of our clients and the nationally recognised Essential 8 security framework.

Comply with Regulations

Our cyber security frameworks are tailored to your business’s regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Enhance Business Continuity

Prepare your IT systems to maintain continued business operations in the face of unexpected disasters or cyber incidents.

Increase Network & Data Defence

Our advanced security techniques increase your defences against cyber risks, maintaining your data privacy and network security.

Intellectual Property Protection

Tighten the protection of your proprietary and personal data, and sensitive client information, against security threats and data breaches.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Minimise your exposure to cyber threats with comprehensive risk management strategies, keeping potential vulnerabilities at bay.

Safeguard Your Reputation

Our cyber security solutions show your clients that you take data privacy seriously, helping maintain the trust you’ve cultivated.

Our Approach:
Complete 360° Care of Your IT.

At National IT Solutions, we take a holistic approach to IT management. Our three-stage methodology is designed to develop your IT environment into a strategic asset that meets your current operational needs, while preparing your business for future growth and development.

1. Stabilise

Bringing your IT up to standard

We take the time to understand your business and current IT environment so we can develop a strategy to improve its operational functionality.

How we stabilise:

2. Optimise

Fine-tuning your operations

Our team will monitor, manage, and maintain your IT, resolving problems quickly to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

How we optimise:

3. Enhance

Accelerating your growth

We work closely with you to ensure your IT environment enhances efficiency and productivity, directly impacting your ROI.

How we enhance:

Proactive Protection. Perpetual Peace of Mind.

At National IT Solutions, we believe that resource and budget constraints should not impact the security posture of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We’re dedicated to keeping our clients’ networks, systems, and applications protected against cyber risks with advanced security solutions.

Our proactive approach to delivering IT security to Melbourne SMBs means we go beyond responding to cyber-attacks; we aim to mitigate them with 24/7 monitoring, and alignment with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) Essential 8 Mitigation Strategies.

Choosing National IT Solutions as your managed cyber security services provider (MSSP) means allying with a partner that prioritises your business’s continuity, data integrity, and security posture.

why choose us

Our Case Studies

Unyielding Defences for Unstoppable Businesses

Our managed IT security framework is strategically aligned with the Essential 8 strategies, a set of foundational cybersecurity practices developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre to mitigate cyber security incidents.

National IT Solutions builds on these foundational elements with a comprehensive suite of security solutions tailored to your business operations, risk level, and industry standards. From enterprise email security that preempts threats before they reach your inbox, to security awareness training that empowers your team to recognise social engineering attacks, we aim to strengthen your maturity level. 

Through in-depth security audits, our cyber security experts identify potential vulnerabilities and provide deep insights into your current security posture. This allows us to develop a clear roadmap for targeted improvements.

Essential 8 Security Framework


Allow only approved
apps to run.


Patch vulnerabilities with the latest updates.

Configure Microsoft Office Macro Settings

Tighten settings to prevent macro-based threats.

User Application Hardening

Secure apps that interact with the web.

Restrict Administrative Privileges

Limit user access to certain data and apps.

Patch Operating Systems

Analyse OS vulnerabilities and install updates.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Mandate two user


Backup all data, apps, and settings daily.

Bridging Gaps From Essential Strategies to Tailored Solutions

National IT Solutions’ sophisticated security solutions aim to provide a high level of protection for your business. From network security and data protection, to cyber awareness training and phishing simulations, to 24/7 monitoring and threat detection, our team will pinpoint the IT security services your business needs for end-to-end protection.

We employ strategic risk management practices to identify potential security risks, implementing tailored mitigation strategies to heighten your security posture. And, in the unlikely event of an unexpected incident, our business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) services will maintain critical business functions and help them recover quickly.

Our dedication to delivering cost-effective, holistic managed IT security to Melbourne SMBs allows you to focus on strategic initiatives, knowing your digital assets are defended under stringent security solutions.