Ardoch’s Great Race 2019

National IT are proud and excited to be part of the Ardoch’s Great Race in 2019. This fund raising event involves teams competing to solve puzzles and obtain clues to new locations – testing teamwork and problem solving skills. What a great fit for the National IT team!

What is Ardoch?

Ardoch is a children’s education charity focused on improving educational outcomes for children and young people in disadvantaged communities. Ardoch has been supporting children for over 25 years, helping them with Literacy, STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Maths), Excursions, Lunch Programs and Post Schooling Career aspiration activities.  

Ardoch has grown into a national organisation working from early childhood education right through primary and secondary schooling. In 2018, Ardoch partnered with 105 primary schools, secondary schools and early learning centres. Over 1700 volunteers supported the education of over 15,000 children and young people.

One of the more creative and fun fundraising events is the Ardoch Great Race which is happening on Saturday the 4th of May 2019.

National IT proudly support multiple charities that primarily help children and their communities.

Please donate to our team!

We have a $1000 goal and we are just over half way there. Any support you can offer to this cause would be gratefully and happily accepted.

Wish us luck and stay tuned for the results of the race!!