Cloud Backup and why Off-site Backup Is so Important

Do you use the cloud to back up your data? Are you wondering why off-site backup is critical to protect important data? Do you wish to understand if you should use cloud backup and off-site backup for your company’s data? 

Why Use Cloud Backup for Your Data

Cloud computing has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade or so. It has gone from being a new and expensive technology to technology that is accessible and extremely reliable. Here are a few reasons you should consider cloud backup for your data: 

Reduces internal company costs

It is more cost-effective to buy cloud space with built-in security measures to store data than to create an internal infrastructure for data storage. Using cloud backup reduces overall costs as you do not need extra space, equipment, and personnel to store and manage your data.

Provides better security for your data

Cloud computing uses high-end data security measures at very low costs because the cost gets distributed among all the clients of a given cloud service. This reduces overall costs of backing up and storing data securely for each client and means that you get to back up your data at affordable rates without compromising on security.

Easy to scale up and increase storage space

As cloud backup is cost effective and easy to set up, it is also easier for your company to increase the storage space. If you are scaling up your business and need more storage space, you can simply purchase more storage space on the cloud.

Importance of Off-Site Backup for Your Data

Here are some reasons you should consider implementing an off-site backup solution for your company’s data:

Protects critical data during natural disasters

If your organisation is affected by a natural disaster, having an off-site backup ensures critical data is not lost in case office space and equipment are damaged. Off-site data backups should, therefore, be located relatively far away from the main organisation and in an area that is not prone to frequent natural disasters.

Reduces chances of local data corruption

If data is stored on-site and is part of the main internal network, there is a risk of data corruption, both the actual data and the on-site backup of the data. Having an off-the-grid, off-site backup of data can ensure that personnel errors and logistical issues do not corrupt important data. 

Ensures protection from ransomware

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise and the stakes can be really high for any business. An off-site backup can protect critical company data in the event of a ransomware attack on the company’s main data servers. 

National IT can help you set up a cloud backup solution with ease at minimal costs, and high-end protection from data corruption, hacking, and other virtual attacks.