Have you considered Mobile Device Management?

What is Mobile Device Management?

MDM software allows management and distribution of apps, configuration and security settings, monitoring for malware, patching firmware and apps, securing of business data – anything! Manage, monitor and secure your mobile workforce – all from a unified cloud-based dashboard.

A MDM platform includes a full suite of management and security tools, for any device – iOS, macOS, Android or Windows – whether a company-owned or employee-owned device (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device).

Capabilities include:

  • Central management of devices
  • Remote app and configuration management
  • Geo-fencing rules, based on device location
  •  Identify management
  • Patch and update management
  • Proactively secure monitoring for malware and security threats
  • Secure container for sensitive document and content
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting functions
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange or O365.
  • Mobile expense management, to avoid excess bill charges
  • Individual or bulk device enrolment
  • Registering of BYOD devices
  • Compliance
  •  Secure mobile mail
  • Ability to segment personal and corporate data- and selectively wipe corporate data

Easily manage your devices

Being able to manage users and their devices remotely is a massive benefit. Update critical security patches of firmware, apps, or update device security configuration – in bulk, across 100’s of devices, in minutes – remotely.

By remotely managing your mobile workforce, you can attain the same level of oversight as you would you with your network endpoints – to quickly gain control of all devices, 24/7. Significantly improving mobile security – and solving the management headache.

Keep applications and data secure

An MDM platform makes sure that all your systems and software are up-to-date and patched to combat any identified security vulnerabilities. These updates can be centrally controlled and audited, so not only protects your devices and data, but it’s also a requirement for government compliance.

Similarly, both business and public apps can be centrally managed, with required apps installed upon configuration, or policy-based rules to govern permitted or prohibited apps.

Remote locate, lock and wipe

MDM allows business and personal data to be segmented and containerised on BYOD devices, so you can have the best of both worlds – effective corporate security and management control, without the upfront cost of large numbers of devices. And when an employee leaves, you can selectively remove all corporate information – remotely.

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