Malicious Software update for June 2017

Petya Ransomware attack

A new major ransomware cyber attack is spreading worldwide and leaving chaos in its wake. 

Security experts are warning that a quick-spreading new Petya ransomware may have more tricks than the WannaCry attack that crippled thousands of computers worldwide in May.

Petya has already caused a significant amount of damage in Europe and has since moved to the US and is starting to make itself known in Australia.

To ensure your business is safe, install critical Windows updates immediately. If you are part of our Managed services plan these patches were deployed over the weekend.  

It’s very important that you train your staff as there are a number of scam or ‘phishing’ emails which try to fool you into thinking they are legitimate. If unsure, do not click and call the National IT helpdesk immediately on1300 795 395

To assist in the fight against Ransomware, SOPHOS have developed a new product named Intercept X which runs alongside your anti-virus software to stop ransomware before any files are encrypted. 

To understand how intercept X works watch the following short video –

Lastly, you need to have a disaster recovery strategy that will allow you to recover quickly from any situation. At National IT, we have a number of solutions to ensure that if catastrophe strikes, your business systems and data remain safe and available with little to no downtime.