Hamilton Marino Case Study

Optimised IT Systems which have enhanced rapid business growth.


Established in 1975, Hamilton Marino Builders is a dynamic multi-level apartment and commercial construction company with offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Their highly successful operational model and first class reputation has been built on expertise, quality and innovation across the industry, with a stunning portfolio including offices, retail outlets, hospitality venues, warehouses and factories.

The relationship between Hamilton Marino and National IT Solutions dates back to 2011, when they first engaged us to enhance their systems and give the business a solid IT foundation on which they could keep building for another 50 years.

The Goals


Hamilton Marino had unreliable, inefficient systems, which caused a slow network and constant email downtime. There was disjointed communication and organisation between head office and site locations.


Before they engaged National IT Solutions, Hamilton Marino stored all their data, including live working files, on an office based server. This caused very slow access to files for staff at site locations and hindered co-ordination with head office.


Hamilton Marino’s previous IT setup was not designed for growth. Without a cloud based system to incorporate each new location seamlessly into their operations, the company was unable to grow successfully in a competitive market place.


Hamilton Marino’s data used to be kept on local PC’s and not shared with colleagues. There was no backup, no file locking and a lot of time wasted with staff doubling-up on tasks. Head office didn’t have access to all site location documents, causing significant inefficiencies.

Challenges & Solutions

After a close analysis of the commercial landscape in which Hamilton Marino does business – and a thorough review of the systems they used to do it – National IT Solutions identified nine key challenges in the company’s operation and the action required to address them:

1. File Conflicts

The Challenge:

The review identified significant risk exposure and major time losses due to file based file conflicts.

The Solution:

Our state of the art cloud based file system, 360° File Sync with unique file locking capability, fixes all those issues.

2. Teamwork

The Challenge:

Close teamwork between staff across Australia is an essential part of the company’s business model.

The Solution:

360° File Sync offers all authorised users access to the same up to date data, at the same time.

3. Security

The Challenge:

Security is important to any business, especially when there’s so much sensitive information online.

The Solution:

Our network integrity is second to none, secure remote access gives complete control.

4. Accessibility

The Challenge:

For a business to have its finger on the pulse, users should have immediate access to essential data.

The Solution:

360° File Sync connects all Hamilton Marino users, wherever they are, on whatever device.

5. Locality

The Challenge:

Hamilton Marino’s sensitive data must be stored in Australia, so off-shore servers are not suitable.

The Solution:

Our data centre is based entirely within Australia, enhancing control and removing risk.

6. Capacity

The Challenge:

Construction is an industry where each individual project requires multiple working les, of large size.

The Solution:

Our system has enough capacity to comfortably store absolutely everything.

7. Connectivity

The Challenge:

Fast access to company data, especially work-in-progress files, is imperative to the successful completion of any project.

The Solution:

Our managed internet fibre connection with back-up link provides guaranteed uptime and system availability.

8. Standardisation & Support

The Challenge:

Control of IT infrastructure and equipment is especially important for Hamilton Marino, with many devices at alternate locations.

The Solution:

Our 360° IT Care Solution enables us to manage all client devices across all locations within our own operating environment.

9. Disaster Recovery

The Challenge:

System downtime is not an option and could cost a business like Hamilton Marino very dearly should it occur.

The Solution:

Our 360° Business Continuity Solution drastically decreases downtime. We get systems back up in minutes, not days.

The Results


Our 360° IT Care agreement helps Hamilton Marino retain control of company devices, whilst standardising the operating environment improves reliability and allows employees to work more efficiently.


After implementing a major systems upgrade in 2014, Hamilton Marino went from strength to strength and more than doubled in size... the IT infrastructure assisted this growth, evolving seamlessly in line with business.


360° Degree File Sync enables Hamilton Marino to concurrently operate over 20 site offices in Melbourne and Sydney, accessing the same data at the same time on any device, from anywhere in the country.


Our 360° Degree File Sync cloud based system enabled Hamilton Marino employees across Australia to collaborate on projects using the same live data files... which are kept constantly up to date in real-time with no security risks or conflicts.

Another National IT solutions success story...

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