Top 9 IT Support Companies in Melbourne

For many businesses, it is more effective to use outsourced IT support than it is to hire an in-house team – particularly for those with limited funds or resources. But with so many companies to choose from, all with their own areas of specialty, it can be difficult to decide which one is the perfect fit.

Luckily, we can help. Here’s a list we’ve collected of nine IT support companies in the Melbourne area who may offer the exact services you’re looking for. Feel free to read through the options below, with confidence that any one of these companies could be the right partner for your business.

National IT Solutions offers robust support solutions for businesses, focused mainly on proactive management to improve productivity and efficiency. Their services include strategic IT planning, 24/7 monitoring, and risk management. Their scalable solutions accommodate business growth, and cost control is ensured with predictable monthly packages. 

By aligning IT infrastructure with business goals, they stabilise current IT environments, optimise operations, and help implement strategies for future growth.

Melbourne City IT offers a variety of IT solutions with a focus on minimising downtime and preserving business continuity. Some of their key services include preventative maintenance performed after business hours, and proactive monitoring. They provide robust security assurance through patch management, antivirus protection, and penetration testing. 

Their detailed reporting simplifies many processes, and their hands-on approach is tailored towards growing businesses.

Accel IT provides reliable IT services based in Melbourne, with an emphasis on responsive and preventative maintenance to avoid significant periods of downtime. They are known for 24/7 remote and on-site support, fast problem resolution, and tailored IT solutions without lock-in contracts.

They prioritise customer service with a local team of polite and helpful technicians, aiming to keep staff productive and IT systems efficient and secure.

Starboard IT offers comprehensive IT services with a focus on patching and antivirus updates to avoid potential issues before they arise. Other benefits include a dedicated help desk, timely issue resolution, and scalable solutions tailored to evolving business needs. They focus on maintaining system stability and security, with a client-centric approach that ensures long-term satisfaction.

Their Australian-based technicians provide reliable support across on-site and cloud infrastructures, making them a trusted partner for their clients.

Boost IT offers a vast array of managed IT services, with a primary focus on reliable and responsive IT support. Their services include remote and on-site assistance, cyber security solutions, cloud computing, and network management. They pride themselves on rapid response times. 

Boost IT’s flexible plans, with no lock-in contracts, provide cost-effective solutions that are enhanced by a local team of expert technicians.

IT Biz Support provides desktop, on-site, and server support for businesses using a variety of operating systems and Windows servers. Some areas of speciality include hardware repairs, Microsoft server solutions, cabling, and software installation and upgrades. 

Their competitive pricing structure and personalised, high-quality support keeps systems running efficiently, earning them a reputation as a trusted IT partner.

CX IT Services offers comprehensive IT solutions focused on cyber security, cloud computing, and business continuity. They provide 24/7 support, including remote and on-site assistance – helping to ensure businesses run smoothly with minimal disruptions. 

Their team of experts delivers customised IT services to meet a variety of business needs, backed by proactive monitoring and management to safeguard IT infrastructure.

Office Solutions IT delivers responsive IT services, specialising in rapid issue resolution and customised solutions. Some of their offerings include on-demand support, comprehensive IT management, and bespoke solutions to fit specific business needs. 

With transparent, predictable pricing, Office Solutions IT ensures cost-effective, high-quality support tailored to businesses of all sizes.

IT Switch provides a robust set of IT services across Australia and New Zealand, catering to businesses of all sizes. Their key areas of focus include remote and on-site support, managed services, and hardware procurement assistance. Their customised solutions range from one-off projects to fully managed IT, helping to ensure efficient and reliable problem solving. 

With certified and experienced engineers, comprehensive monitoring, and a client-focused approach, they are known for delivering high-quality service and support.