Top 9 Managed IT Services in Melbourne

Finding a managed service provider (MSP) can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who often have limited resources and smaller budgets. We have provided a list of the best managed IT Melbourne has to offer. Whichever you end up selecting, you can feel confident that you have made the right choice for your business.

National IT Solutions excels in comprehensive and tailored support that ensures stability, security, and alignment with business goals. Their key strengths include access to cutting-edge technologies and a deep pool of IT knowledge, ensuring seamless operations and allowing businesses to focus on other things. 

They focus on enhancing user experience by minimising downtime, and proactive cyber security measures.

Managed Services Australia provides a full suite of IT services that improve operational efficiency, as well as cyber security. Their strengths lie in offering tailored solutions to their clients, including scalable IT infrastructure, advanced cyber security solutions, and seamless cloud services that improve data accessibility and collaboration.

They also provide robust backup and disaster recovery options, ensuring business continuity in a crisis, as well as expert IT consulting to optimise technology strategies. Their commitment to fast response times and local support further improves the customer service experience.

Boost IT stands out in the realm of managed IT by offering comprehensive tailored solutions designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Highlights include storage solutions, advanced cloud computing services, and fully managed IT that monitors and administers hardware, software, and networks. 

Boost IT also excels in IT procurement, business-grade email solutions, and office relocation services. Their focus on local support and transparent pricing further enhances their reputation as a trusted IT partner.

Computer One specialises in a comprehensive range of IT solutions designed for SMBs. They boast a fully Australian-based service desk, ensuring clear and effective communication, and a high first-contact resolution rate for IT issues. They provide all-inclusive services, including backup testing, emergency response, and extended support hours.

With extensive industry experience and a nationwide service delivery network, Computer One integrates seamlessly with internal IT teams. Their belief in competitive pricing and maintaining high client satisfaction underscores their reputation as a trusted IT service provider.

Sensible Business Solutions provides managed IT solutions to enhance business efficiency and security. Their strengths include strong cyber security measures like 24/7 virus protection and disaster recovery tools, as well as IT consultancy and cloud services. 

Their expert guidance helps businesses make informed technology decisions, while their responsive support team ensures seamless IT operations. Additionally, their client care and belief in continuous improvement ensures that businesses maintain a technological edge.

Lab Managed Services offers a comprehensive range of IT services designed to improve business efficiency and security. Key strengths include proactive managed IT, strong cyber security measures, and disaster recovery solutions. They specialise in cloud migration and infrastructure management, providing scalable solutions tailored to client needs.

Their commitment to client satisfaction and expert service ensures reliable and effective IT management for businesses of all sizes.

AlphaClick specialises in managed IT that provides proactive management and maintenance of IT systems, minimising downtime and ensuring business continuity. Areas of focus include 24/7 system monitoring, remote and onsite IT support, and comprehensive maintenance of servers, computers, and network devices. They also offer proactive updates, patching, data backup, and disaster recovery.

AlphaClick manages antivirus, firewall, and other security measures, ensuring a solid defence. Their professional and experienced team delivers reliable and efficient IT solutions.

Jinba IT excels in the field of managed IT by offering a variety of solutions designed to increase efficiency. Some strengths include infrastructure management, proactive system monitoring to ensure minimal downtime, and robust cyber security solutions for business defence and continuity. 

Jinba IT stands out with its dedicated account managers who deliver personalised service, helping clients to navigate and optimise their IT needs. Their commitment to fixed monthly pricing simplifies financial planning.


Byte provides comprehensive managed IT solutions with a predictable pricing structure. Their areas of focus include reducing downtime with proactive monitoring and maintenance, and a preventative care approach that addresses potential issues before they escalate. 

Byte also provides scalable solutions that adapt to business growth and changing needs, supported by a team of experts who deliver consistent and reliable service.