Christmas tips for a smooth office shutdown

With the countdown to Christmas almost over and 2019 just around the corner,  its important to ensure that the physical aspects of your office are ready to be either vacated or to operate with just a skeleton team.

At National IT we understand that you deserve a well earned break and thought that in your final preparations for the holidays we would provide some tips to ensure that we are not contacting you over the Christmas break.

Switch Off

Take the time to make sure that all not necessary office equipment is turned off. With only the required equipment left on. Servers and some other systems will continue to run to keep everything up to date.

Data storage

No one like to lose their data, at National IT we know how important your data is. For our Managed Clients,  all your data and information from your servers is backed up. Take the time to make sure that if employees have anything stored on the PC that it is moved to the server to ensure all critical data is safe over the break. 

Keep your server cool

While we have discussed the importance of turning off computers and other devices over the Christmas break there is one thing that cannot be turned off –the  server room air conditioner . This air conditioner keeps your server and networking equipment cool and as the server is the home  of all your  information and the lifeline of your company it is imperative it is left running.

With an anticipated hot Christmas period here in Victoria  it is critical that your server remains cool. So take whatever precautions you feel necessary, send a reminder email to all staff, store the remote away so only one person has access, cover the power switch with a note, whatever works for your business, but ensure that one air conditioner stays on.

Ensure the safety of your equipment over the holidays

Lets be honest everyone loves computers/laptops/i-Pads and the like so keeping them safe is important, the adage still applies out of sight out of mind. Lock away all portable equipment as much as possible. Ensure that employees that have equipment with them over the holidays understand their responsibility for it, safe operation and usage.

National IT

While you are on Christmas break you can trust that National IT has you covered, and is available to provide support to your skeleton team as required via the help desk number 1300795395 (with an afterhours option)

As always, National IT will be remotely monitoring your systems to ensure that everything is ready for a productive start to 2019!

Merry Christmas