Helpful O365 tools

Starting the new year off on the right foot, lets look at some helpful Office 365 tools that you probably already have access to but may not know about.


To-Do is a very handy task list that makes it easy to plan your day, schedule and track your tasks and easily tick things off when they are done with a satisfying little ding! It is an extension of the Tasks feature of outlook and syncs between outlook, the web app and the mobile app. Everything you need in one place. The really great part of this feature is the IOS, Windows and Android apps. They make the lists a joy to use. You can even set up shared to do lists!

Yammer (Microsoft Teams)

Yammer is a business social media engagement platform. It is used to connect and engage with your employees on an organisational level. It can be used to create, share and edit content – set up teams or organisational groups, share files, chat and even provide video broadcasts. It is not just for large enterprise level organisations. It can be used as an announcement platform or even to keep employees who are not in the same physical location in touch with each other – making even remote users feel close and part of the team. 


Microsoft Flow is their take on IFTTT (If This, Then That). For those of you who have heard of IFTTT you  know exactly what I am talking about.  Flow allows you to create rules within the O365 cloud to automate tasks based on specific events. A few examples of the kinds of rules you can make and have run automatically are:

  •          Save Office 365 email attachments to OneDrive
  •          Send a customised email when a new sharepoint document is added
  •          Get a Push notification when you receive an email from your boss
  •          O365 calendar sync to Google Calendar.

These are just a few of the many templates you can use instantly in Flow. You also have the ability to make your own rules to have tasks run automagically based on other events.


Sway allows you to easily and quickly create presentation that goes a lot further than just Word or Powerpoint. You can use photos, social media, video and dynamic content to share information and ideas with others. You can create newsletters, photo albums, reports and just about any kind of presentation you can think of.  Again there are a lot of templates to get you started. Its actually a bit of fun to use as well, so jump on in and give it a go.

So there you have it! 4 great tools that you already have access to via your O365 subscription.