More Shortcuts!

Editing a document or email is something we all do all the time. It may sound lazy (spoiler: its not) but it can be a real pain to have to reach for the mouse to facilitate the editing. With that in mind, lets look at shortcuts that can make it easier and faster to get that work done!

In the previous blog post, we looked at Control A, C, X and V so we won’t go through those again – you can check out that post here. But what about moving the cursor or deleting entire sections without touching the mouse? Very handy indeed!

Moving the Cursor

Control Up / Down Arrow. Move the cursor an entire paragraph at a time.

Control Left / Right Arrow. Move one full word left or right.

You can keep pressing any of these keys until you are where you want to be. Alternatively, you can hold the arrow key down for the cursor to keep moving.

Control Home and Control End: Move your cursor to the beginning or the end of the document

Pro tip: Hold down the Shift key at the same time to highlight while moving!

Deleting Content

Control-Backspace and Control-Delete: We know how to use the delete and backspace keys. Lots of people will hold these keys down to delete words, sentences or paragraphs. But there is a better way!

Delete whole words at a time by holding Control and the Backspace or Delete key. Keep pressing until you have deleted everything you want or hold down the key for it to keep going until you release.

But wait.. there’s more!


Control-F Find – Find a word or phrase or all instances of it in your document.

Control-H Find and Replace. Just like find but here you also add a word or sentence you want to put in its place. There are a few options here. For instance you can replace each result one at a time or you can replace all results in one go. Beware though! This can be very helpful but you need to make sure that your replacement text makes sense.

Text Formatting

Either select these options before you type or select. These ones speak for themselves!

Control-B -Bold

Control-U Underline

Control-I Italics

Shift-F3 Change the case of text (Uppercase/Lowercase). This one only works when you already typed and selected the text you want to change.

Using these shortcuts (and the ones from the previous post) will make you more efficient! Again, here is a summary below for you to print. Tape it to your monitor for quick reference.

Control-Up (arrow)

Move cursor an entire paragraph up

Control-Down (arrow)

Move cursor an entire paragraph down

Control-Left (arrow)

Move cursor an entire word left

Control-Right (arrow)

Move cursor an entire word right


Move to the beginning of the document


Move to the end of the document

Hold down the shift key to select text at the same time!


Delete an entire word to the left of the cursor


Delete and entire word to the right of the cursor


Find a word or phrase


Find and replace a word or phrase


Bold text


Underline text


Italics text


Chance the case of selected text.