Continuing with our February Education theme, today we wanted to go through a few helpful shortcut keyboard combinations that you can use every day. There are so many commands you can access without ever having to reach for the mouse. So lets get straight in to it.

Control + A

Select All – whether you are editing a document or wanting to select all files in a folder. Extremely handy when used in conjunction with the next few shortcuts.

Control + C

Copy – Copies anything that you have selected either manually or with Control  A. Works with Text within documents or with files and folders with in Windows Explorer.

Control + X

Cut – like Control C but removes the selection from the current location ready to be pasted somewhere else.

When you Control C or Control X text the selection is put in to what is known as the Clipboard.

Control + V

Paste your selection! After you Copy or Cut move to the new location you want the data and Paste. If you have cut text from a document its important to paste straight away so you do not accidently lose important data.

Control + Z

Undo. Unhappy with the change? Did things not turn out the way you expected? Control Z is your friend. Undo not just your most recent change but also the last few!

Lets move away from data manipulation and look at some other shortcuts that everyone should know.

Control + P

Want to quickly send what you are reading straight to the printer? Control P will open the printer menu. If the correct printer and settings are already selected, just hit enter for a fast and easy way to get your hard copy.

Windows + PrintScreen (PrtSc)

This key combo will take a screenshot of what you are currently looking at and save it to a folder called Screenshots in your pictures folder.  Handy when trying to capture those strange messages!

Windows + D

Show the desktop.  Quickly hide whatever is on your screen. Handy if you have sensitive information displayed and someone walks in. Press it again to have all windows restored to their original location.

Control + Mouse Wheel

This one is a two hander! This combo controls zoom. Increase or decrease the size of text and images in the current windows. This can be used just about anywhere – In your web browser, when browsing files, in Office – anyway! Try it out.

….  Last but not least

Windows + L

Security is important and its always best to lock your computer when you walk away from your desk. You wouldn’t walk away from your car without locking it – nor would you leave your phone unattended without making sure its locked. The reason is obvious.

Its quick to do and it’s a great habit to get in to. I do it as I stand up. Chair back, Windows + L. Walk away knowing your computer and data are safe.

We hope you find these helpful. Below is a table you can print for easy reference.

Control A

Select All

Control C

Copy Selection

Control X

Cut Selection

Control V

Paste from Clipboard

Control Z


Control P


Windows D

Show Desktop (Also Restore)

Control + Mouse Wheel

Zoom + / –

Windows L

Lock PC