Outlook 2019 Focus

With kids around Australia going back to school, everyone is knuckling down for the year ahead. With that in mind, Its education month here at National It!

Today we would like to look at some features of Microsoft Outlook – specifically the Office 2019 version. Below you will find helpful items that will make you more productive and streamline your workflow.

Outlook 2019 is BLAND!

Lets face it, Outlook looks bad. It looks washed out with all that white and grey – personally I think it has looked bad since they changed the layout from office 2010 – At least then you could easily differentiate between panels. Dark themes are all the go at the moment and it may be partially due to the fact that darker colours are easier on the eye. Especially when you’re using it all day long. To change the setting go to File  and then Options. Under General you will see the Office theme option. Have a play but I recommend changing it to black.

Did you notice the default was “Colourful”? Who calls that colourful??

Focused Inbox

Have you noticed the focused/other option at the top of your inbox?

The focused inbox can be a blessing and a curse. Its purpose is to have outlook sort the most important and relevant emails you need to see in to the focused inbox and leave the supposed less useful emails in the “other” inbox. The issue is that Outlook doesn’t always get this right. Be sure to check your other inbox regularly. Alternatively you can turn this feature off by going to View (at the top) and clicking the Show Focused Inbox button

Easy Skype meetings

Its very easy to schedule Skype meetings through Outlook. Its even easier for the attendees to join the meeting with the time comes. To create a Skype invitation, create a new appointment in Outlook.

When you click Skype meeting, Outlook will automatically create a link and put it on the message body. This link just needs to be clicked by the attendees at the specified meeting time to easily join the meeting.  Please note that you need to have Skype for Business running and logged in for this to work.

Coming Soon

Do you have the Office Software suite as part of your Office 365 subscription? If so, check out the “coming soon” button at the top right of your Outlook main screen.

Have some fun, turn the feature on (if you cant see it, don’t worry – its just not on your version).

One of the great things you will see straight up is a cleaner, easier to use menu ribbon. – the original ribbon is not gone, you can click the down arrow on the far right to see it at anytime.

We look forward to seeing what new features we get to see with this option turned on.